Nashville/Kentucky – Part 4


Our last day of vacation was so much fun and unexpected that I kind of can’t believe we did it.

Also this is the last day of vacation posts, so if you’re really over hearing about my trip, come on back tomorrow. 🙂


Before we hit the road, we made a few more stops, including going by Dolly Parton’s house!

Obviously you can’t see anything, but she does live there sometimes.

Or that’s what our food tour guide said, so who knows if he just made that up.


And then I convinced The Hubster to let me stop into Draper James and they offered us some sweet tea and I was like, I’ll buy this entire store.

Just kidding.

It’s all adorable and I want to be Reese Witherspoon now.


And we can find #buffalo anywhere! 🙂


We headed home and made a stop in Loretto, KY at Makers Mark!!

Maker’s Mark is my favorite bourbon and The Hubster agreed to stop in on our way back to PA.


Um, yes please! 😉


Bourbon and whiskey start with a mash like this.

Gross, right?


All of the buildings on the grounds look like this one and it appears to be this adorable village.

This is the QC building and I’ll totally volunteer for that job!


They age their bourbon for 7 years in these warehouses.

I think the tour guide said they have 2,000 barrels in each warehouse.

That’s a lot of booze.

We got to have a tasting and it was amazing.

It’s amazing to me that they all tasted so different. One was mostly vanilla, one had chocolate notes, and the others were smoky.

So cool.

And the bourbon creme chocolate at the end wasn’t awful either!


Chihuly made a piece for Maker’s Mark and it looks so pretty!


Life with this guy is my favorite.

(Note to self: get teeth fixed ><)


One really awesome thing you get to do on the tour, is dipping your own bottle.

The Hubster and I bought a special bottle that you can only buy at the gift shop in Loretto, KY and I got to dip it!


One of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do!

We’re saving this bottle until after we have a baby.

It’s going to be our celebratory drink.


We headed out and made it to Columbus for the night.

This is my very last cocktail before we start IVF.

I thought it was important to document. haha


We stopped in Canton, OH and visited with The Hubster’s godson, who we haven’t seen in forever.

He is hilarious, as usual.


And then we headed back home with full bellies and happy hearts.

What a fun trip!

4 thoughts on “Nashville/Kentucky – Part 4

  1. Good luck with your IVF treatments. I don’t know you guys personally but I feel like I do from reading your blog. I love the idea of saving your special dipped bottle for celebrating a baby!


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