Nashville – Part 3


Do we need to talk about how The Hubster basically went full-on cowboy in Nashville?

I mean, he got the Stetson because the other similar one wasn’t “authentic” enough and the plaid shirt was very important to him.

He didn’t find a pair of boots while we were there that were in his price range. He considered these ones but they were a little bit expensive for him. Especially when I pointed out that he would only wear them in Nashville and Texas. πŸ˜‰


We started our day in line at Biscuit Love and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

If you have time to wait in line, you need to do it.

The sausage gravy on my biscuit was the most delicious ever and now I want to learn how to make sausage gravy and put it on all the things.

Also delightful there – the cheesy potatoes.


We did a little shopping after breakfast and well…the gentlemen assumed the position.


We headed to the Johnny Cash museum and it was full of memorabilia.

It’s funny that we ended up here because on the drive down, we stayed at a random hotel one night and in the car, I realized I still had the hotel key card in my pocket. I told The Hubster that when I was younger, I saved stuff like that and put it in my photo albums and scrapbooks.

Now I think it’s just junk that I accumulate and end up throwing out because we don’t need that in our lives right now.

And then we went to see all of Johnny Cash’s stuff and I thought, maybe I should keep this stuff so when I’m famous, someone can come look at a preserved Hyatt hotel key card.



I haven’t seen 8-tracks in forever.

Although probably within the last 5, my Grandpa used his.


Love this.

I hope The Hubster loves me this much.

Spoiler – I’m sure he does.

Although he doesn’t sign his love notes to me with his full name. lol

Also – are there still chocolates in there?


The best selfie I could get.

There were too many people in the museum for a good one.IMG_0247

We spent the rest of the afternoon going from rooftop to rooftop. It was so much fun to people watch and hang out.


Love this guy! πŸ™‚

We went back to the house for dinner (found a yummy Thai place down the street) and played That’s What She Said and New Phone, Who Dis. Both are hilarious and fun party games!

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