Life Lately


I haven’t done a big life lately post in awhile, but I thought it would be fun to show you what we’ve been up to these days.

I got The Hubster and I ice cream from Jeni’s for Valentine’s Day and I was enamored with the ice cream and he is completely in love with the fact that it came with dry ice.


He played with the pieces for a good half hour.

Is this like the grown up version of kids playing with the boxes at Christmas?


Our Valentine’s Dinner – he smoked chicken and veggies.

It was delicious. 🙂


The Hubster wanted to look for a liquor cabinet because right now all of our liquor is just on the counters.

He’s right – it looked awful.

So we ended up at a furniture store where we didn’t see anything that we liked.

I suggested we look on the Internet for what we might like and then he sat down on the couch and made himself comfortable.

I did the same in the recliner.

I’m sure the sales people loved us – we made ourselves comfortable and then bought nothing.


Sunday night, I fulfilled a bucket list type item – I saw Boyz II Men in concert!!

You guys – I was instantly transported back to grade school when we would sit outside and sing End of the Road and Motownphilly.

They were so good!


We saw them at this smallish theater, so there were only about 800 people in total there from all walks of life and it was really cool to see everyone there just love the music.


I mean, my best friend from when I was 12 and I would listen to II on cassette on repeat for hours and hours.

I think an entire summer vacation was spent listening to them.


It was so much fun.


Life is so much more fun with a friend who loves 90s music and is game for any fun concert!

That’s a little bit of our life lately.

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