Target Tuesday


Happy Target Tuesday!

Today’s Target Tuesday post should be called comfy cozy.


This top is actually a sweatshirt but is velvety and looks like it’s fancy.

Winner for parties and lazing around!


Raise your hand if you want to wear a teddy bear blanket on your body.

That’s exactly what this is.


This wrap was really cute but in reality didn’t look so great on me.

Very reasonably priced and I love the colors.


If you need a really cozy sweatshirt to just bum around, this is the one for you! And it comes in a ton of cute colors too.


I am loving this cardigan and can’t wait for it to be part of my winter routine.

It’s actually made up of a bunch of different colors, so I think you can wear any tank top you want underneath.

I don’t know that this sweater was me, but I think I might run back and get it for my assistant. She loves stuff like this.

Looking forward to wearing all these fun cozy things this winter!


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