Favorite Things


This month’s favorite thing makes my heart so happy…Sharpie Markers!

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There is almost nothing that makes me more excited than a new package of Sharpies.

It might be eclipsed by a pair of amazing shoes…but that is only marginally more exciting.

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For writing on really small things.

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When you need to make a giant sign for your garage sale, this guy does the job.

Related image

The all-purpose marker.

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My mom never let us use Sharpies when we were kids.

And even now, as adults, she doesn’t love it when we use them in her house.

My brother and I are 37 and 35.

I’m not sure if she’ll trust us when we’re both over 40 but we shall see.

I believe that’s why I love them so much.

They were forbidden fruit for years.

My mother-in-law uses Sharpies like the rest of us use pens and the first time she was like, oh just use this Sharpie, I was like, are you sure?

I told my mom that when I’m in therapy when I’m a grown up (lol), I’ll be pointing at this for the reason I’m there.

Her prohibition of Sharpie use.



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