Tuesday Talk


Every third Tuesday, I  link up with  Fancy Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.

Today, let’s talk about Halloween costumes.

The Hubster and I go to a Halloween party every year.


Our first Halloween together pretty much qualifies us as babies.


Yeah, can we believe I dressed up as a Playboy Bunny the same year my boyfriend went as bull!@#$? We clearly didn’t coordinate that year. And Ben, The Hubster’s roommate, went as Miss Buffalo.

The Hubster had been busy and I have no idea why he wasn’t planning for this party. So the day of the party, he went to the party store and came back with this. With this.

Can we also ask what the heck I was thinking wearing basically underwear?!?

Ahh youth…we were dumb.


We sort of coordinated! Super heroes!

I’m horrified because my mother-in-law took this costume from me and somewhere in the world, a Kindergarten class wears this outfit. Yes. I said Kindergarten class. I’m dying on the inside.

Or do I just wish I could go back in time to when my stomach was that flat despite eating cheetos and pepsi for dinner ever night?!?


I love disco.

I would do disco again this year.


One of us was more excited about this costume idea than the other.

It’s probably the one who had his vital parts covered.

Why are women’s costumes just tiny scraps of fabric??


This was a fun year.

Except I wouldn’t recommend wearing a Santa costume when there are small children around and get confused about is that the Hubster or Santa.


We’re totally Chip and Joanna, right?!?!

Also, most amazing and comfortable costume I’ve worn.


I won the costume contest with this outfit!


The Hubster went as Hannibal from the A-Team and well, I didn’t know who that was.

So we need good ideas for this year…let me know if you think of something fun we could do!

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