Our First RV (and trip)


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we bought our first RV trailer!!

I was on the fence about it but The Hubster was like, let’s do it!

And so we have an RV!

The inside is so nice and way bigger than I ever imagined.

There’s a queen bed, small kitchen, slide out table, bathroom, and 2 bunks.

We could theoretically sleep 8 people but I don’t think we would be happy people. Probably more towards 2 adults and 3 kids.

Of course, I wanted to go to town and decorate right away, but The Hubster wanted to be responsible and wait until after our first trip. He was talking crazy like working the bugs out and not wanting to have to work around my decorations.

I ended up listening to him and only bought a few things. hehehe


We got all loaded up at home and headed out on our first trip!

We actually headed to my in-laws backyard.

The RV experts say to camp in your driveway the first time so you can work out the bugs, but we decided to go right for Buffalo. It’s a well known drive for us and we figured we could show off our new home to the family!IMG_8422

Earrings | Shirt

We’re ready to take off!

Clearly I needed the hat to make the trip.

We didn’t get into Buffalo until later in the night, so we basically set up the RV and went to bed.

In the morning, we made breakfast in the house and came out to enjoy it!

Clearly I had just gotten out of the shower. haha


I did a little decorating with a rug from Walmart! (Here’s a similar one – I just grabbed mine in the store)


I had wanted to buy new bedding that matched the rug, but couldn’t find anything I liked in time.

And since it’s October, we aren’t really going to be going on any trip until Spring.

So I grabbed some old blankets I found in the house.

But it looks good! 🙂


My grandpa, niece, nephew, and sister-in-law all came over to visit us!


My favorite place to read is on the bed under the window.

It’s going to be so much fun when we’re out camping to just take a load off, relax, and catch up on my reading.


Sunday morning we took our first showers in the RV and we discovered 2 things – the hot water tank is not very big so you have to take really quick showers and there was a small leak.

But The Hubster saved the day and fixed the leak.

There’s nothing he can do but take quicker showers. hehe I was good. 😉


And then it was time to head home.

It was a really successful trip and I’m looking forward to camping in the future!

So tell me campers…where do you guys like to go? I need tips!

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