Random Facts About Me

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I saw this online and thought it would be fun to share with you!


How old are you? Older than I look 😉

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Surgeries? None! I’ve never been under anesthesia or had any major surgery. Wait…are we counting my wisdom teeth being taken out? I was awake for that one.

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Tattoos? None. I always think I want one and then never go through with it. Probably a good thing because I change my mind all the time.

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Ever hit a deer? No. I’ve come close but never hit.

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Rode in an ambulance? No.

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Gone ice skating? Yes! But I’m awful at it!

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Rode a motorcycle? No. I’m too scared.

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Stayed in a hospital? I’ve been treated at and visited people in the hospital. But I’ve never been admitted.

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Skipped school? I skipped in college. Senior year was a whole situation. I had a job ready to go and basically had to just pass. Senioritis is a real condition folks!

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Last phone call? The Hubster

Last text message? The Hubster

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Coke vs Pepsi? I’ll drink either. Really. I do like Cherry Coke better than Cherry Pepsi.

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Favorite pie? Cherry

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Favorite season? I’m a 4 season girl. I love the freshness of spring. I could be outside all of summer and find something to do every day. Fall is the prettiest and makes me happy. And the beginning of winter is special and makes me love Christmas even more.

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Broken bones? I broke my tailbone a few years ago. This roughly translates into I broke my butt. It gets endless amounts of laughter when my family talks about it.

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Received a ticket? Yes, I’ve had 2 speeding tickets. They were at least 10 years ago and I try to behave myself now. 😉

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Favorite color? I think it’s pretty obvious, but pink. Always pink.

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Sunrise or sunset? I love watching all the colors of the sunset. And the sunset on Maui is like the most amazing thing in the entire world.

The other day, I had a meeting and had to leave the house at 6:30. Seeing the sunrise was unusual for me, but it was also beautiful and made me excited for the day.


Ocean or Mountain? I think it’s fairly clear that I would do almost anything to be on the ocean.

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Furthest place traveled? Technically, the furthest place I ever went was to the US when I got adopted all those years ago! 😉

The second furthest place is Maui. 🙂


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