Shopping Steals

Shopping Steal

I just found a few really amazing shopping steals that I thought you’d want to check out!


You guys know how much I love a good jumpsuit.

The one on the left is from Black House White Market.  It’s really cute, but at $148, that’s a little much.

The one on the right is from Amazon and I have it…it’s awesome.  It’s also $25.46, so win! It comes in a bunch of different colors and it’s totally worth the purchase. I own it in navy blue and wear it all the time! 🙂


I’ve been eyeing up the Michael Kors sandals on the left for awhile now. They’re on sale now, but for a long time, they were about $99.

The ones on the right are from Target and well, I know I’m going to want a new pair next summer, so for $32.99, I have virtually identical sandals!

Let me know if you find any good shopping steals!

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