Reunion Weekend

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We went to my [cough] 15 [cough] year college reunion and had a great time!

Also…I’m old! 😉


One of my favorite sites on campus.

I used to walk by this chapel every morning my Freshman year on the way to breakfast. My dorm was to the right behind this chapel.

The Hubster and I got married here almost 9 years ago.

It was really fun to walk around campus with him and point out all the fun and crazy stuff I did back then.

He doesn’t quite believe me.


For instance, I used to walk across this street almost every day on the way to class.  There was a large pot hole just out of the picture to the left and if was a rainy day and a car was driving by, you would be soaked.

It got hit a few times.

We pretty much just all looked at each other and said…pothole.  Everyone understood.


The school has loaner bikes for students to ride around campus.

The Hubster asked me if I would have ever used them and I quickly said no.

Back then, I didn’t really use the gym for fitness.

I used to it to watch my crush workout.

It’s amazing how long you can walk on the treadmill at level 2.


I took zero pictures of me with actual classmates. Whoops.


We stayed at the Curtiss Hotel and let me tell you – the shower is magic.

This is my dream shower.

It’s also never going to be in my house because (1) I would never get out and (2) my water bill would be $1,000,000,000.


The next day, The Hubster thought it would be fun to take a slow drive home, so we stopped at a marina to look at the lake.

Then we visited 21 Brix, which is a winery my classmates opened about 10 years ago.

It’s adorable and we had so much fun hanging out on the porch, drinking wine, and just relaxing.

And then I bought one of every kind of wine to take home. 🙂


Grape earrings, anyone?


You know we can’t go on any trip without stopping at the car wash on the way home.


And then we ended the night with some drinks and a fire next door!

Fun weekend for sure!




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