Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I’m pretty excited this Friday in June.

We’re heading to my (gasp) 15 year college reunion! For perspective, a guy that works with me is 18 and went to his girlfriend’s senior prom a few weeks ago.

Can’t wait to see my old stomping grounds and show The Hubster around.

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.



Tank: Luxe Swing Tank | Old Navy
Sweatshirt: Relaxed Funnel Neck Shep Shirt
Similar Shorts: Island Palms 3.5 Inch Everyday Shorts | Vineyard Vines
Earrings: Sophee Drop Earrings | Kendra Scott

Imagine you will see this outfit on repeat all summer long.

I love everything about this outfit!

And the Vineyard Vines sweatshirt is sooo comfy and I’m thinking of getting another one in a blue color.



The Hubster and I got engaged 10 years ago on Tuesday.

Looks at us…babies!

That was also during my “I’m not wearing makeup” phase. That entire week, my mom asked me if I was sure and I insisted.

I didn’t look bad, but probably could have gone for some eye shadow. lol

10 years later, I’d say yes all over again! Love him!



I found this adorable guy in the yard while I was mowing. I’m so happy I didn’t hurt him with the tractor!

He’s living in the back woods now.



We helped move my brother out of my parents’ house and into his first apartment last weekend.


Pretty much, The Hubster and I were determined to get this move done come hell or high water.

And we got it done. 🙂

Dan’s new apartment is really cute and I think he’ll be quite happy there.



Yeah…The Hubster had to go to Home Depot.

And Shoe Carnival is across the parking lot.

Of course I was going in there!

I came home with these.

Cheaper than Birkenstocks and I can try them out to see if it’s my jam this summer.

Have a great weekend!


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