Fun Etsy Finds

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Who else can’t help themselves on Etsy?!?!

I hope it’s everyone because people are really creative and I love their stuff!

This wooden round tray stand is perfect for holding all my bathroom stuff – makeup, contacts solution, etc.

I’m really happy with it and it keeps all of my stuff from spreading all over the counter.

image 2

We got this teether for The Hubster’s new godson when he was born.

It’s so cute and I love that can have it made with his name on it.

We’re looking forward to traveling to SC to see him in person soon.

image 0

I was in the market for a rose gold cuff and this Aries cuff was perfect!

image 0

The absolute most perfect, amazing sign for our coffee/bourbon bar in the kitchen!

image 3

I need to drink a TON more water than I normally do, so this tumbler will be perfect for the summer.

And I had my name put on it. 🙂

Let me know what you guys are finding on Etsy!

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