Growing in Gratitude

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I’m linking up with Fall into Life today for Growing in Gratitude. We’re talking about the 5 things we were most grateful for last month.



This month, I’m grateful we got to watch a Memorial Day parade with my father-in-law. He’s such a funny person and I might have elbowed him out of the way of a pack of whoppers.



We’re grateful that despite years and distance, we’re still maintaining this friendship with some of our oldest friends.  The Hubster and Matt were in tiger cub scouts together when they were 5!



I’m so grateful that I got to spend some time snuggling my sweet little niece.

We got pictures of her last night after she fell asleep in the tub and it was adorable.

She was a highlight of May for sure!



My new car is pretty amazing and I’m grateful to have a reliable ride these days!



Peanut butter hot fudge sundae with Reeses pieces?




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