Savor 2019

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It’s become an annual tradition for The Hubster and I to make a trip to DC to attend this beer show. This year we made it our May trip!


This is the only picture I got of us and I feel like it’s blurry.

But it should be documented that I wore both mascara and lipstick.

A rare occurrence. hehe


I mean…this is an awesome view on your way to any event.


I feel like there were less people there this year.

I was a big fan of the beer tasting selections this year.

I’m not a huge beer person. Which is weird because (a) it’s a beer event and (b) it’s The Hubster’s favorite drink.

Anyway – they had a lot of fruity beers this year and that made me happy.

I wasn’t super impressed with the food. Last year I elbowed someone out of the way to get a grilled cheese sandwich. This year…not so much.


Funny story about our friend, Jeff.

The Hubster and Jeff were friends all through high school.

Jeff and I were friends throughout college.

The Hubster and I figured out we were both friends with Jeff (and at the same parties in college) when we were telling each other funny stories from parties and we were both like, wait…I have a friend named Jeff that did that stuff too!


3 Beer Amigos


As I said…the food wasn’t so great this year.

So we ordered some room service when we got back to our hotel and the condiments seemed awfully fancy.


It’s always a good morning when you look outside your hotel room and see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.


We wandered around and stumbled on Maison Kayser for brunch.

If you like brunch…you’ll like this place!

I had the croque madame and The Hubster had a toast with scrambled eggs, Gruyere, and sausage. Both were super tasty!

We headed to visit some friends after, but it was a really fun trip to Savor this year!

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