Tuesday Talk


Every third Tuesday, I  link up with  Fancy Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.

Today I want to talk about flip flops!

Do you guys have favorite flip flops? I swear I own like a million pairs and rotate them all summer.

Image result for womens black havaiana

These regular black Havaianas are pretty much on my feet from the moment it gets warm until my feet are frozen.

I have them in all kinds of fun colors and I always, always go back to these.

Image result for reef flip flops

Then we have these Reef flips that I got last year as a recommendation from my sister-in-law.

They are really comfortable and I have a second pair that has rose gold straps.

Image result for clarks brinkley

The Hubster bought these Clarks for me for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and it was so thoughtful of him to get me pink flips.

Except I kind of hate them.

They aren’t comfortable on my feet.

And the day I wore them out, I saw an elderly women using a walker wearing them and I decided I couldn’t wear mine anymore.

These Under Armour flips I bought in Key West and they are going to be my new favorite this year for sure. I have a feeling they’ll be fighting with my Havaianas all summer!

Image result for ohana sandals

These are (new to me) sandals called Olukai Ohana flip flops. They have great reviews and I think my mother-in-law would love these for Mother’s Day!

What flips are you guys wearing this summer? I’m up to try something new!

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