Easter Dresses

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It’s that time again – panic over what we’re wearing for Easter!

Here are some last minute choices! 🙂

You know Loft always had cute options like this floral dress.

Floral Ruffle-Wrap Maxi Dress

I’m totally in love with this wrap dress. It’s so springy without being too bright.

Daisy-Print Waist-Defined Shirt Dress for Women

This dress is under $23 and would be perfect with some light blue shoes!

Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress for Women

I’m a sucker for all of Old Navy’s swing dresses, too. They’re so comfortable and look great all the time!


2 thoughts on “Easter Dresses

  1. I love the wrap dress! I would love to wear that dress on Easter…. but I think I will be sticking to dress pants and a cute top because there is something more comfortable about pants when its in the 40s on Easter! Haha!

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