Road Trip – Day 3


On the third day of our road trip, we encountered a lot of scenery that looked just like this.

With a few fun side trips sprinkled in.


We got up in the morning and started our drive through Kansas.

And by total chance, passed the Oz museum.

And the town has a real yellow brick road!!


And adorable little Toto statues throughout the town!


We were just going to look in the Oz museum and not pay, but I caved.


I couldn’t help myself and paid the $9 to go inside.

They have these models of each of the characters, so obviously I didn’t deny myself the opportunity for a good selfie!

I did heed the warnings not to get too close to the characters, which was not fun. lol


From there we headed to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.


I’m not kidding.


It was kind of interesting to see.

The town it’s in is very very very small.

We decided we’re glad we had the chance to see it.

We probably aren’t going to ever go back to see it again.

Although every year, the town has a festival and you can tie your own piece of twine on the ball and make it larger.

That’s kind of cool.

And the only entertainment you’ll have for about 5 more hours! hehehehe


We got back on the road and well…this is what we did for 5 more hours.

Except for a stop at Dairy Queen.


When The Hubster and I got engaged, he moved to Denver for work.

Like 6 weeks after we got engaged, he packed up his apartment and moved to Denver.

I had just changed jobs and we decided that I would stay in Buffalo until after we got married.

After 20 hours in the U-Haul with all of The Hubster’s worldly possessions, I saw a Dairy Queen and asked to stop. He refused and told me to watch a movie on my DVD player.

This has been a point of contention in our marriage.

The man wouldn’t stop for ice cream and told me we only had 3 more hours in the truck.

This time, I was in charge of the schedule and when I saw a Dairy Queen about the same distance outside of Denver, I took it upon myself to stop and get an ice cream. 🙂

It made me quite happy.

And The Hubster is totally aware of the fact that if he had just stopped, we wouldn’t be having this conversation 10+ years later.


After eating complete garbage for 3 days, I settled on a salad. It tasted so good!

And then Matt and I headed to bed super happy we didn’t have to get back into the car!

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