January Trip – Florida Part 1


I had to work in Florida last week (I know…wah wah).

But after a few days, The Hubster joined me so we could celebrate his birthday!

Come on in and see the first part of my trip!


My flight left at 6:15am, which meant I had to get to the airport no later than 5.

That means I had to get up at 3:15am so I could leave by 4.

It was as fun as it sounds.

But seeing the Pentagon after my layover in DC was pretty cool.


I laughed soo hard at the mini fire hydrant in the puppy potty stop.


I stopped for some lunch and well…the Taco Bus caught my eye and there’s no stopping me when you put chips and queso in front of me.

I had to grab a few things and ended up in a Super Target.


And I apparently *can* spend under $30 at Target.

It’ll be a mini miracle that hasn’t been repeated since, but it’s possible!


I got the booth set up real nice and headed out for the night.


I ended up eating at a Macaroni Grill because it was close to the hotel.

I used to hate eating alone when I traveled for work and now I love it.


Day 1.


The show was full of dogs.

Giant ones!

This guy was a St Bernard-Leonberger mix.

He weighed 140 lbs.

He was the runt of the litter.

Super nice dog. Super giant dog.


A beautiful sight when I left for the night!

Okay, so I ate at Macaroni Grill again the second night.

But you guys – the melted feta and toasted bread was a party I couldn’t give up.

Second day of the show.

Same amazing palm trees.

Same girl in front of the sign.


And then The Hubster showed up and decided we should drive to the beach, even though it was night.


We can’t resist the beach.

It looked like it was a really good one but we couldn’t see anything because dark.

So The Hubster said that after we finished with work the next day, he’d take me back!!!


I was the happiest girl in the world.


Some days my job is so stressful that my entire body hurts.

And then I have days where I am standing on a beach in Siesta Key, Florida during a work trip and I feel like I have some balance.

Or at least I keep telling myself that.


We have never been to Siesta Key before but we are totally going back.

The water is amazingly clear and you can walk way way out before it gets above your knees.

And we could stand the water at only like 70 degrees outside!


We even spotted a few sea rays.

A guy asked me if it was a dolphin.

I declined to point out to him that the water was barely covering my ankles.



We made a quick stop at Big Olaf ice cream on our way out of town because it was an adorable ice cream shop and how do you say no to that?!?!


We headed from the dreamiest beach right to Disney World!

Sort of.

We stayed at Disney Springs.

But who can resist when Mickey and Minnie greet you?

No one!


We decided that instead of picking just one place for dinner, we would have drinks and appetizers at a bunch of different restaurants in Disney Springs.

First up – I had a wedge salad and a fruity drink at The Boathouse.

Then it was a giant pretzel and a gin fizz at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.


And then I finished the night with a water at Paradiso 37.

Here’s what I learned from the evening.

When we say we want to explore the food and have drinks and apps – we should share the app and not individually get appetizers.

I get too full and then want to be done because I’m full.

Lesson learned!

We had a really fun night.





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