Target Tuesday

target tuesday

Today’s a really exciting Target Tuesday because I was out of town for work by myself.  I wandered into a Target (surprise surprise) and found some amazing clothes that either aren’t at my Target or are at this one because it’s warm out!

Come on in for some new stuff!


Loving this hoodie.

It’s super comfy and long enough to wear with leggings.


I’ve been eyeing up this poncho and really wanted it.

But I think it’s just too big and I didn’t really need it.

I wanted it though.


I didn’t buy this super adorable striped shirt dress because it’s 100% cotton and pretty much wrinkled when I went to put it on.


It’s so cute and I could see myself wearing it all summer because it’s light and airy.

I might still go back for it.

And increase my dry cleaning budget.


I want to be a wrap dress person so bad. (Much like I want to be a jumpsuit person.)

This one came close but the length was a little too long for me.

I’m totally Goldilocks. I need the perfect dress.


And then I put on a circus tent.

Just kidding.

I can’t even find this top and skirt online.

Maybe separately they would look better?


I can’t find this romper online either, but I think it would look adorable as a summer cover up.

It’s also a super giant pain in the butt to put on.

I almost ripped it.

So it’s definitely not for me.


I’m beginning to wonder if these items are specific to this Target because I can’t find this dress online.

Don’t worry – it’s not flattering. hehe



It looked a little bit cuter on my body but no, just no to this picture.

Hope you enjoyed some of my new finds! 🙂

One thought on “Target Tuesday

  1. That green and white striped romper is so cute and would be adorable in the summer. I also love that wrap dress. I love the first sweater and the poncho…both are so cute!


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