Thursday Thoughts – Trade Show Edition

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I was at an RV trade show recently and there were all kinds of crazy things happening.

I thought maybe you guys would want to hear about the madness fun.

A LOT of people use dog strollers.

Like a LOT more than I thought.

Image result for rv

Someone let their dog poop inside a displayed RV, stepped in it, wiped some of it off on a stair, and then proceeded to wipe dog poop all over the carpeted display.

It was gross.

I don’t know why people think that is okay behavior in a vehicle that someone is trying to sell!

Image result for rv bathroom

In the same vain, someone also used the RV bathroom in the display unit.

You guys – it was gross.

I guess if someone thought it was okay to let their dog poop in an RV then someone going #1 isn’t that much different.

Image result for alien cartoon

Actual conversation:

Potential Customer: Are you a person?
Me: Yes.
Potential Customer: (looks at me confused)

I walked away.

It was an entertaining show for sure!

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