Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

Yeah Target Tuesday! 🙂


I saw this pair of pajamas and was so upset they didn’t have my size. Because these are perfect for Christmas!

And you know how I can’t say no to a pair of Christmas jammies!



This came home with me.

Our friends have a movie party every year and we wear comfy clothes over.

This will be perfect! 🙂


I was really close to taking these Snoopy jammies home, but I didn’t think I needed to add them to my collection.

This pair is really comfortable though.


This isn’t the dress for me, but someone else is going to look super cute in it for the holidays!


I really liked this sweater, they just didn’t have it in my size.

It looks heavier than it really is, so I think you can wear it on the cool fall days.


I bought this cute top in army green but I can’t find it online.

It’s really comfortable and will look cute all fall!


Love this sweater! You will have to wear a cami underneath, but it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe this year for sure.


I might go back for this shirt later.

It’s really comfortable and would look cute under a vest!


I have absolutely no need for these red boots.

But I’m really trying to find a place for them in my life. 🙂


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