August Staycation


You guys – life has been really screwing up my blogging mojo so I’m super far behind.

But come on in and let’s talk about my August Staycation!

As you know, The Hubster and I have been trying to on a little trip each month this year.

But August, just got a little bit crazy for us and after being on so many work road trips, we decided to have a little staycation for August.

(Mostly I was just really excited to sleep in my own bed for more than 1 night in a row! haha)


So one Saturday, we went on a little adventure.

The Hubster had heard about the Carrie Furnace where they used to make steel. It’s an old factory building that’s abandoned now, but he really wanted to see it.

#nerdalert 😉

The day we were there, it was open to the public for an art installation exhibit.

So we got to wander around and see some art.


While it was kind of cool to see how they made steel, it was a little bit creepy to walk around an empty steel plant. It felt like every movie where people are hiding in abandon warehouses and the bad guys are chasing them down. Or a horror movie.


The things you do for each other when you’re married! 🙂


The graffiti in this place was amazing. I mean – someone did this with spray cans!


That large deer head was kind of cool.


I’ll be honest – I’m not sure what kind of art this is and I don’t really understand it.

It was at this point of the tour that we realized it was time to leave.

But not before I got a science lesson in balance from The Hubster.


We then decided to try Top Golf.

I had never been before.

It was really fun!

I’m not good at it, but it was really fun.

I like that you know where your ball went much easier than at a regular driving range.


Then we headed into Pittsburgh to try out the Duquesne Incline.

We’d never done it before and it seemed kind of a cool thing to try.


The cars are adorable. They look like the little trolleys from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. (I’m sure he modeled his show after them.)


The cars are so old and rickety and it’s not good at all and I was terrified.


The view on the way up was really cool.

But I was scared.

We decided to hang out at the top for a few so we could get some real ground under our feet for a few minutes.


We paid $0.50 each to get in for a self-guided back ground tour.

Seeing how the incline worked in person didn’t make me feel any safer.

But it was interesting to see how it worked.


Why not take a selfie when you think your life could end on the trip down? hehehehehe


The view at the top is amazing.



I’m a Buffalo girl through and through.

But Pittsburgh looked pretty great on this day.


We ended the night with a car wash.


The next morning, we headed to our favorite brunch place.


Took the truck on a little off-road adventure.


And we ended the weekend at another car wash.

[insert laugh crying emoji]

It was a really fun weekend exploring our city and being together at home. 🙂

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