Saratoga Weekend


A week ago, we spent some time in Saratoga and it was such an adorable town.  We had a ton of fun – come on in and see! 🙂


Road trip life.

I also think that’ere a chance that the Hubster was either biting his nails or picking his nose.

Either way…hahaha…so sorry Hubster.


I bought this dress a million years ago at Vineyard Vines. But check out their other dresses! And these are the wedges of the summer!

I think I need to re-learn how to stand when taking a picture.


My neck does not look like that. Or at least I don’t think that it does!


We walked out to the track – it looks so nice! But when it rains, it’s a pile of mud.


We met the trumpeter and he was hilarious!


The day started with a glass of champagne.

You know that means it’s going to be a good day!


I checked out the races!

I won $8 on a horse!

I have no idea which one, but $8 is $8!


I found the bourbon bar!

I think this photo proves that i don’t have a giant neck and my arms are super large.

What the heck happened in the photo above? Yikes!


We got to see a race finish up close.


I continued to take selfies with the statues I encountered.

Side note – I put mascara on this day because I’m fancy like that.

You can barely tell. I wonder if I should continue this practice.


I got to see the actual Triple Crown Trophy.

Posing with me is my co-worker Bob and his wife, Gina.

Not pictured…the security guard with white gloves on ensuring I didn’t get any closer. 🙂


We ended the night at this really cool bar that had a band and awesome outdoor patio to hang out.

It was a really fun day and we’ll have to go back again next summer.

Please note: I do not have a gambling problem and don’t advocate that you go to a race track if you do.

Also noted: I spent less than $40 betting on horses because I’m not so good at it and realized that if I don’t know what I’m doing, I should probably stop. 🙂

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