so this is married life…


The Hubster and I are big fans of gin and tonics.

It’s one of our favorite summer drinks.

We’re also fans of limes.

Apparently The Hubster is a huge fan of limes.


We were at a nursery in Buffalo last weekend buying a tree for my dad’s birthday present.

While I was looking at a tree with my dad, The Hubster comes over to me and asked me to smell something.

It was a teeny tiny lime.

Me: That smells amazing.
Hubster: I know, right?
Me: Wait…where did that come from?
Hubster: Did you know they sell lime trees here?
Me: No.
Hubster: I picked it off the tree over there.
Me: ….
Hubster: Should we get one? But it gets kind of big. Like 10 ft tall.
Me: Not today.
Hubster: Should I pick another lime for you?

Does this happen to you guys? hehe

The Hubster will occasionally pick a grape or two off the vines at wineries.

Maybe he has a petty theft problem.


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