Monday Memes


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My entire childhood.

My mom used to stay at home with us when we were little. But there were a few summers when we got older and she would work in the morning.

Of course she left us with a to-do list every. single. morning. #eyeroll

So my brother and I would sleep in, get up, watch Guiding Light and the Price is Right, and then frantically do our chores from 12-12:30 when my mom would walk in the door and we’d be all like, “yeah, we’ve been cleaning all morning, Mom. You should leave us a smaller list.”




Every single time in the self-checkout at Walmart.

Every single time.


If someone invents this, I’ll exclusively buy your cereal forever.


Says everyone.


I just yell “what” louder each time he says something.


How do they know me so well!?!?!

Happy Monday! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. Lol! You will be proud of me…I was in Target the other day and found two super cute really soft knit sleeveless tops. I love the ivory one but then I had to add the white one to my cart as well as they are so cute and comfy. Love Target tops!!!

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