Trunk Club #3


It’s my latest Trunk Club post!

Trunk Club had a promotion so I actually got 2 boxes in July. I’m not complaining about getting more fun stuff!!

Come in and see what they sent me! 🙂


Love this Eliza J Cold Shoulder Sheath. Can’t wait to find somewhere to wear this one!


I can’t stop wearing this Felicity & Coco dress. It’s adorable and is so crazy comfortable. I recommend you get one in every color!

This Felicity & Coco Lizzie dress was so adorable but a bit too small. I did love the zipper all the way down the back. And the slit made it a little more fun.

I have an event to go to in a few weeks and I’m wondering if I should go back and buy this one.


This Tahari dress was a tiny bit tight but I thought it was really cute for work.

I wish I was a strappy back dress girl, because this one is so stinking cute that I would be willing to go to a club just so I could wear it! hehe


I loved this Hi Sugarplum! skirt, but it was a little too long and tight for me. I think maybe one size up and it would have been better.

Generally I find that I’m a size down in Gibson, but with the Hi Sugarplum! stuff, I’m a size up.

I don’t think this Chelsea28 top is me. Even with the wrinkles. haha


I kept this Trouve Asummetrical Shoulder Top because it was super cute. I didn’t keep these Slim Izzy Jeans because there wasn’t something weird abut how they fit me.

So there you have it! 🙂

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