Book Club


I love reading and pretty much have loved it my whole life. But lately I’ve been through this streak where I don’t feel super motivated to read.

I’m buying books and downloading them on my kindle, but just am not reading them.

I’m sure once I have some more weekends free, I’ll be reading in my hammock a lot more!

So here’s this month’s book club – I’m sorry it’s so lackluster!


The best part about this book is that it’s actually 2 books in 1!

I read this one a few weeks ago when we were on vacation and it’s super cute. Both stories are a little bit far fetched for me, but was a good, adorable vaca read.

It’s also rated R in the romance department, so beware!!


I love Emily Giffin books and this one was no exception!

While All We Ever Wanted wasn’t a romance like many of her other books are, this one was totally thought provoking and the characters were really relatable. Plus, the subject matter was something we all think about these days, now too.

I highly recommend this book!

Reading All We Ever Wanted made me want to re-read Something Borrow and Something Blue.

These are Emily Giffin’s first books and they are so good! I love the characters and all of the stuff they have going on in their lives. Two of my favorites for sure!


And if you want to really read up on Emily Giffin books – Heart of the Matter is actually a character reach out from Something Borrowed.

The book is really good and relatable.

And can I just say that I’m such a huge fan of Emily Giffin!!


I’ll be totally honest with you.

I couldn’t even finish Once Upon A Time, There Was You.

My in real life book club read it and when I realized I couldn’t make it to the meeting, I stopped reading.

That’s what I thought about this book. lol



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