Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorite things from this week.



I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here before, but I sometimes eat like a 10 year old boy.

And this is so very true because right now I’m having a moment with peanut butter and jelly.

Like I can’t get enough of it.

I ordered a PB&J with mac and cheese at Panera the other day.

It was delicious!



It’s boating season!!!

We’ll be on the boat this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!


I am really late to the Ozzy and Jack World Detour Party, but I am a big fan.

I always thought the Osbornes were funny when they were on MTV back in the day. So I’m happy to see it return!!



I cannot (cannot) stop wearing this jumpsuit.

It’s so comfortable. Like wearing pajamas.

Run to the store and get one. Seriously.

Have a great weekend!!

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