Shopping Spree


I had about an hour of free time the other day, so I popped into Loft and found some really cute stuff! (and it was 40% off, so how could I say no?!?)

I’m really feeling cute summer dresses this year, too.

I’ve been documenting my love for jumpsuits for awhile now and I think I finally found a good one!!!

This Pineapple Dream Jumpsuit is the perfect material for summer. I wore it on a really hot day and I wasn’t dying because I had pants on!

The reason I have 2 pictures is because the one on the right is the petite size and the one on the left is regular length. I went with regular because it felt more natural to me.


I didn’t buy this Off the Shoulder Button Down Midi dress and I probably should have.

It was the same material as the jumpsuit and was pretty adorable.

Maybe I’ll go back and snag it when it’s on sale again!


Let’s just say that I can’t turn down a good sale on Lou & Grey dresses. They are so crazy comfy and I needed to have this one in my closet for the summer.


If I didn’t have 3 swing dresses in my closet already, this Lou & Grey Signaturesoft one would have one come with me.


Lastly, I tried on this Ruffle Neck Tank but I didn’t really love it.

I wonder kind of if it was the pants that made it not so great, but that just seems silly when I think about it.

So that’s my fun shopping spree! 🙂

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