Niantic & Newport


For our May trip, The Hubster and I headed back to the East Coast and spent some time in Niantic, CT and Newport, RI.

When we lived in Long Island, we would drive over to Connecticut regularly because it’s so beautiful there. It was only a short drive but we felt like we were on a getaway. Now that we’re in PA, it’s a little bit farther and less convenient to get there.  Since we had a long 4 day weekend, we decided to go on the adventure for our May trip.


We ended up leaving after work on a Thursday and got up early on Friday to get back on the road.

Since we were up so early, I had to have a coffee to go with my Gilmore Girls shirt, right?


I don’t really mind car trips when there isn’t a lot of traffic.


Our view for the next few days! So happy to be by the water again.


Two very happy vacationers! 🙂


Our B&B is so cute. This is their backyard, which faces the water.

We’re still trying to figure out how they get their yard so nice.


We went to Ford’s Lobster Restaurant for dinner.


I’m a so so fan of lobster, but The Hubster LOVES him some good lobster.

He was in heaven.

He ate a lobster bomb. Which is a heart attack on a plate.

Just kidding.

It’s a bread bowl of lobster, covered with lobster bisque.

I had the lobster mac and cheese.

So we both ate super healthy, as you can see. hehe


Yes. This dog totally owned his life in the convertible.


We ended the night with some drinks on the patio at a local restaurant.

It was a lot of fun! 🙂


Best breakfast view of the weekend.

The weather was super nice and we were able to sit by the water.


We drove over to Mystic, CT to walk around and do some shopping and I saw this adorable bird house made out of Lego!


We stopped in a liquor store so The Hubster could buy a present for a friend we were meeting up with and this was pretty much the largest selection of bourbon I’ve ever seen in one place.

It smelled so good in there!

We spent some time at a local winery and enjoyed a snack on their patio.

It was also crazy hot that day, so my glass of white wine tasted super refreshing.

We did a little walk around the grounds.

It’s so early in the year that there isn’t too much to see when you walk through the vineyards.



We continued to eat lobster because why not.

The Hubster had these oysters with ahi tuna in them. I had some delicious guac. And then we shared lobster ravioli carbonara.



I did a little shopping and aren’t these socks so funny!?!?

I almost bought the ones with the banana splits.


The next day was cold and rainy, so I cheered myself up at lunch with a mojito. haha


Have you guys tried Allbirds?

They are super comfy and I feel like I wore them all the time on this trip.

I highly recommend them. I even stepped in a puddle and one of them got soaked. They dried off in no time! I was really surprised by that because they’re all fabric.


This was the last picture I took on the trip. Weird.

But we had a lot of fun and it was so much fun to be away together.

These monthly trips are really turning into be something we really look forward to doing.

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