Book Club


It’s Book Club Day!

Come on in to see what crazy thing I did! (Keep your expectations down – it’s about books. hahaha)


So this month, I read 12 books in the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis.

They are soo good and I basically couldn’t stop reading them. And yes, they all have a happily ever after.

(Note: they are all rated R)

The series is about a whole bunch of people in this small Washington town. I would group these books in mini series of 3 books each – 3 girlfriends/sisters who all end up with a group of guys who are family/childhood friends.

There is a lady in the town of Lucky Harbor, Lucille, who plays matchmaker to every couple and makes up these hilarious nicknames for the guys – Mysterious Hot Guy, Ranger Hot Buns, Dr. McHottie, etc. This lady is awesome!


Simply Irresistible is about Maddie who is trying to revive a failing Inn with her estranged sisters, Tara and Chloe. In the midst of the whole thing, she meets Jax and her perspective changes a little bit.

Loved this story – Maddie is adorable and I love what a good guy Jax turns out to be.


The Sweetest Thing continues the previous story about Tara, Maddie’s older sister, and her relationship with her ex, Logan, and her other ex, Ford.

Let me just say – there’s a funny moment when Logan and Ford have an abs contest and, well, I kind of wish I lived in Lucky Harbor! hahahah


Head Over Heels is the last book about these sister, but this time it’s about the wild child, Chloe.

Chloe is so much fun and ends up tangling with Sawyer, who is the town Sheriff. They get involved in all kinds of crazy stuff and it’s adorable when they figure out how much they want to be with each other.


Lucky in Love introduces us to 3 best friends – Mallory, Amy, and Grace. Mallory is this good girl who wants to shed that image and find something new and exciting. She totally does in the form of Ty.

They both end up sharing a lot with each other but is it enough to keep them together? The book was so cute and I loved reading about them.


At Last is about Amy, who’s tough and doesn’t want to let anyone in or need anyone. She encounters Matt, who isn’t looking for a serious relationship either. They get involved in something together and try to help a scared runaway girl and in turn find something else with each other.

They’re a cute couple and I enjoyed them!


I really loved Leah and Josh’s romance in Forever and a Day. From him taking care of his family to her jumping in to help and try to get her own life together, I loved them.

I think this is the book that made me want to move to Lucky Harbor.


It Had to Be You follows Ali and Luke. She’s trying to figure out how to get her life to work out for her and he’s trying to take a few days of vacation. They can’t seem to stay away from each other and the hot detective can’t help himself from rescuing her.


Always on My Mind is about Leah and her grandmother’s bakery and how she needs to stop thinking about Jack, the fireman, all the time.

From the descriptions of her baked goods, it made me want to each donuts and muffins all the time and it’s probably really good that I don’t have the ability to wander in there every morning!


Once In A Lifetime is about Aubrey and Ben. They’ve known each other since high school and known that they were not good for each other. But he ends up helping her and they fall in love. Awwww. 🙂

I admit though, of the books in the series, I think this was my least favorite. I don’t quite know why, but it was still pretty good though.


Becca and Sam are super adorable in It’s in His Kiss. Becca seems so fearless to me and I loved that about her. And Sam, well, sometimes he needed a kick in the butt, but he got it together in the end!


Awww, Oliva and Cole are super adorable in He’s So Fine. She’s running from her past and he just wants her to open up about who she really is. I loved how supportive Cole was and how great his family was.


One in a Million is about Callie and Tanner. I loved how selfless Callie was – she was checking on her grandma and managed to take care of Tanner, even when he didn’t think he needed it.

I’ll be honest, even though I was a reading crazy person, I was sad when this was over because I didn’t want to leave Lucky Harbor!!

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