Waco – Day 1


As you know, we visited Texas last weekend and we made a visit to Waco so I could (try) to see my favorite Fixer Upper couple!

This trip did not disappoint!

After our Houston excursions, we packed up on Sunday morning and headed to Waco.

We got in around noon and realized it was way too early to check into our Airbnb.

What else were we going to do? Drive to the Silos!


I was really disappointed to discover that virtually all of Waco is shut down on Sundays. You know, the day of rest an all.

So not helpful when you’re visiting!!


We made the best of it and went to the Dr. Pepper museum.


Did you know that Dr. Pepper brand owns all of these drinks?

I had no idea!


Of course I had to enjoy a Dr. Pepper at the museum!!


We spent some time driving around Waco and stumbled upon this rare Marine helicopter landing.

The Hubster was quite excited to see that.


We also found the original Magnolia market!

They sell some old items there a few days a week, but it wasn’t open when we were there.

At this point, we drove around and found some other houses that were featured on the show.

I don’t feel comfortable posting the pictures we took because these are actual people’s houses and I don’t know if they would want me to do it. I know that they were already public (and you can totally find them online) but it doesn’t feel right to me.

Let me tell you – I’m totally the first person to do drive-bys, but this felt wrong to me.


We also stopped at Harp Design. It was (obviously) closed, but I took a pic outside.

My arm is out like that because I sneezed 2 seconds after this picture was taken! hehe

By this time, we had wasted enough time and headed to our Airbnb…


…the Shotgun House!!!!!

So in total flip side, I feel okay posting this house because (a) we stayed there and the pictures were taken while we were in the house and (b) we have learned that this is used almost solely for a rental and the original homeowners do not live here anymore.


It was every single bit as amazing and you would expect from a Fixer Upper house.


You guys!! I’m standing in the kitchen of a Fixer Upper!!!!!



In case you haven’t seen this episode, I love love love this tile.

I have no need for anything like this in my house, but it’s amazing.

The Backyard was close to the house and we had some BBQ.

The Hubster had a mash of stuff but said it was good.

And really – chips and queso are always delish!


Then we had a really fun moment when we decided to watch the Fixer Upper episode of the house we were sitting in.

I’m sure everyone does that, but it was really fun to do!

A note: it was freezing the entire time we were there and I had only brought one hoodie with me. So get comfy with it – because I wore it for like 3 days.

Come on back tomorrow to see the rest of our trip and our visit to Magnolia!!

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