Guilty Pleasures – TV Edition


Today I’m going to talk about my TV guilty pleasures, past and present.

They are pretty awful too.


I was watching Siesta Key the other night and realized one of my true guilty pleasures is watching these awful reality shows.

Siesta Key is about this group of “friends” who are in their early 20s and trying to figure out what they are doing in life. Some of them are still in college, some have graduated, and some are working or trying to work. They all seem to be fairly well to do and are able to go on trips and party all the time.

It’s a terrible show but I can’t help myself from watching.


It’s awful and dramatic and I can’t help myself.

I also watch Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

I’ve watched less of it lately because I feel like they are now starting to lead regular lives and some of the drama in their lives seems manufactured for the show. I’m not sure how true that is, though.


I think The Hills was one of my first forays into reality tv.

I loved Lauren – she had an amazing sense of style and had these awesome jobs. Her friends were kind of jerks, but that’s what made it interesting.

My co-workers and I used to watch the show and then discuss the next day at work. Our manager didn’t watch the show and one afternoon was like, “you guys have the most interesting friends.” We were all, “thanks, but this is from a show.” hahah


Did you guys ever watch I Love New York? It was the worst show ever and yet, like a train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching it.

It was so awful but I watched it every. single. week. and would discuss with same coworkers the next day.

This was before I was married because there is no chance The Hubster would put up with me watching this show now. hahaha


The last one I’ll cop to here is The Royals.

I’m quite certain there is no royal family that acts like this one, but this show is so entertaining.

What are you guilty pleasure tv shows? I can’t wait to hear.

Mostly because I need a new one! 🙂

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