A Magic Shirt


Today we’re going to talk about a magic shirt.

You guys don’t even know how amazing this shirt is until you hear my story.

Sheaffer Told Me To buy what she calls “like buttah” shirt.


Who can turn down this Bobeau Butter High/Low Top?

I certainly couldn’t.

I got it awhile ago and was always kind of the fence about it because of the way it flared on me and kind of made me look preggo. (Which I’m not at the moment…a whole other post).

But it was oh. so. comfy.

Like pajamas for regular life.


Top: Bobeau Butter High/Low Top | Nordstrom
Hooded Blardigan: Barefoot Dreams Coastal Hooded Cardigan | Nordstrom
Jeans: Super Low Jegging | American Eagle

And then on Sunday, I wore an all Sheaffer outfit, complete with the blardigan to brunch with The Hubster.


We decided to hit up the Bloody Mary bar (not the one above) and I can tell you for sure, it was delicious.

But I wasn’t really thinking things through when I wore a white shirt and ordered a red drink.

Of course.

I spilled tomato juice on my white shirt.

(It happened when I was getting a piece of bacon out of the drink, so at that particular moment I thought it might have been worth it to deal with the stain.)


The shirt has this funky coating and the tomato juice BEADED UP AND I WAS ABLE TO DAB IT OFF WITH NO STAIN MARKS.

Let me repeat.

I spilled some tomato juice on my shirt, it beaded up, and there was no stain.


You guys.

Go get this shirt!

It’s magic!

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