Target Tuesday


So something really weird happened when I went into Target last week – there weren’t any clothes that I wanted to try on.

I know.

Pick my jaw up from the floor.

Don’t worry – I still managed to spend over $100 on laundry soap, paper towels, and other miscellaneous household items I may or may not have needed.

In any case, this Target Tuesday is online shopping. Mostly because their online store has so many more exciting things!

Let’s start with some sweaters because that’s pretty much a staple in my wardrobe during the winter.

Cocoon Cardigan

This A New Day Cocoon Cardigan reminds me so much of my Leith Circle Cardigan but so much cheaper!

Cross Back Sweater

This Mossimo Cross Back Sweater is so cute. I feel like it will be perfect for a fun winter outing.

And by fun winter outing, I mean somewhere nice and warm because it’s freezing outside.

zip sleeve

This Zip Sleeve cardigan is adorable. I love the detail on the sleeve and the hem.

Let’s move on to pajamas – one of my favorite things to wear.

Pajama Set Grey

This 2pc pajama set is pretty great. I think it would be perfect to wear either on a trip or when you’re visiting someone’s house.

Lounge Pants

These Ruched Pajama pants are also adorable. But I think I would call them my laying around the house on a Saturday pants. haha

I’m hoping to do another Target Tuesday this month. Fingers crossed that I have more luck at a different Target!

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