New Year’s Eve Dresses


We’ve been talking about Christmas for a while now because, well, Christmas!

But now we’re getting to be only like 2 weeks away from New Year’s Eve and I’m not sure what to wear!

Let’s have a little look at some fun party dresses for your New Year’s Eve party!


I mean, this is the ultimate New Year’s Eve dress.

Those peeps over at Dress the Population know what they’re talking about.

I love the sparkles, the longer length, the open back, all of it!


I love me a jumpsuit.

Even though they look awful, I love how they look.


I’m really liking this Express dress. I have a gold dress that’s similar and it might just be the perfect thing for New Year’s Eve!

express 2

We know how much I love pink, so a pink party dress wouldn’t be too far outside the realm of possibilities for me!


I love how simple this dress is but the ruffle just makes it so much more fun.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have worn for New Year’s! 🙂

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