Thanksgiving 2017


I totally know this post is like 3 weeks after Thanksgiving, but I want to document it in here so I remember Thanksgiving 2017!


We worked a long day and hit the road to Buffalo later in the evening and didn’t arrive at my in-law’s house until 11pm.

We said hi to everyone and started to unpack the car.

Here is an actual conversation:

Hubster: Where are you going?
Me: To the car to get my suitcase out of the trunk
Hubster: It’s in the backseat where you put it
Me: I didn’t load the suitcases, you did.
Hubster: Ummm….I just loaded mine.
Me: So what are you saying?
Hubster: Your suitcase is still in the bedroom at home.
Me: ….

Basically this meant I had a winter coat, boots, and shampoo.  Oh, and the sweatpants outfit that I had on in the car.

At 11pm the night before Thanksgiving.

Nothing was open.

The Hubster felt really bad.

I borrow a pair of his pajamas and we went to bed.

So I got up in the morning, put on my clothes from the previous night and headed to Walmart.


Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving than buying underwear from Walmart at 9am! 🙂


I took a shower, changed into my new clothes, and we met up with The Hubster’s family to watch the parade.


We relaxed for awhile and then my parents and grandpa came over for dinner.

It was so fun to see everyone and eat some good food together.

I’m not sure why we have a family picture without The Hubster.


My nephew made me this adorable turkey for Thanksgiving!


That night, The Hubster, his brothers, and his dad all went hunting. So my sisters-in-law and I watched Beaches and I continued to work on this never ending cross stitch project.

It’s getting there though!


I was so happy to find these penguin jammies at Walmart!


While The Hubster hunted for a deer, I hunted down some good Black Friday deals! 🙂

Some of these buys were necessary due to the fact that Walmart had a limited size selection and I needed a pair of jeans and some winter clothes for the weekend.


When we got home from the stores, I got a text from The Hubster showing off his first deer! He’s so excited!

Breakfast sausage for everyone!!! 🙂

The town I grew up in has a parade every Thanksgiving weekend. I have no idea why, but I never really went to it growing up.

But we seem to go every year now. It’s really fun and I buy a hot chocolate and catch up with old friends that I run into in the village.


I was friends with a lot of band kids in high school, so it was fun to see how young we must have looked when we were in high school!


My nephew was on a float with his preschool. We cheered loudly for him and he threw us some tootsie rolls. 🙂

Because clearly we hadn’t eaten enough over the last 2 days, my sister in law and I went to find this food truck for some amazing German food.

The Hubster and I used to eat at this restaurant when we lived in Buffalo and now they just have a food truck.

You can’t beat a kielbasa, pierogi, potato pancake, and purple cabbage. You just can’t.


What did we do after eating all that German food, you ask?

We went bowling.

My dad joined a bowling league this fall and wanted to go with all of us when we were home.

He looks pretty good here!


I don’t even feel bad – this is one of my highest bowling scores ever. 🙂


We topped the night off with a birthday celebration for one of my besties.

It was a fun night for sure!

In the morning, we headed to church with our families and on our way out of town hit up a yummy Asian food place with my sister-in-law and her family.


My sweet niece and I killed some time waiting for our food.


And then we were on our way back home to this amazing sunset.

It was a crazy few days, but we really had fun with our families.

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