Stitch Fix #15


It’s that magical time of the month again – when new clothes arrive on my doorstep!

I have to caveat this post – I accidentally threw away the paper that described all the clothes I received and now I can’t find their brands.  This box came when I was in the middle of getting stuff together to head back for my Grandpa’s funeral.  My brain apparently turned off.

My apologies – this post is not so much on the thorough.


For this month, I received a pair of jeans, 3 shirts, and a dress.


I liked this navy shirt but it wasn’t something I thought I needed to have. It was cute but the material wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.


For some reason, I always think I am a plaid popover person, but when I see it on me, I might not be a plaid popover person. This one wasn’t any different. Super cute in the box. Not so much in reality.

But these pants are amazing. They look like jeans but feel like leggings.

Can I get like a million more pairs?


This black top has definite potential. I did really like the faux leather detail.


This dress is cute but I passed on it.

Only because it’s a warmer weather dress and we’re totally heading into winter.

So there you have it – this month’s fix! 🙂

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