Life Lately


We’ve been quite busy around here these days.

Come on in and I’ll show you what’s happening in our lives lately.

Last Friday during my lunch break, I had to run to this pie shop near the office and grab dessert for that night. I completely forgot that it was on a farm and had my work attire on.

As in I had dress pants and heels.

Specifically – my brand new heels.

So I just did what anyone else would do. I walked on my tip toes, went over and petted the mini horses, walked around the mud puddles, and sat down with a cup of coffee while they got my order together.


A few weekends ago, The Hubster and I went to Chicago and I told you all about how we went to RPM Italian because I’m a fan of Giuliana and Bill and I want to go to their restaurant.

The staff called to tell us that The Hubster left his credit card there and last week I replied to one of Bill Rancic’s posts on Instagram about how great his staff was and we really appreciated how they called us.

And then he responded to my comment!

And then I fan girled and screen shot the comment.



Last Friday night we had our co-workers over for a thank you dinner. They’re all working so hard and we really wanted to thank them for all their hard work.

I had The Pickled Chef come in and cater it for us and the food was excellent.

We all had fun and enjoyed some really tasty food!


For the first time in many years, The Hubster and I got to attend the Annapolis Boat show as guests and not exhibitors.

Let me tell you.

It’s amazing.

You don’t have to stand in a 8×8 box for 6 days.

You don’t have to talk about the same thing every 5 minutes for 10 hours a day.

And you get to walk around and not feel guilty because you’re taking a bathroom break and sneaking in a few cool things on the side!

We found the Hendrick’s tent! 🙂


Then we visited some boats!

You guys – these are beautiful boats. Crazy expensive and way out of our price range (unless we win the lottery), but it’s so fun to see them.


This one boat had laundry on it.


The square footage of this boat might have been comparable to the downstairs of my house!


Super funny story.

When you go aboard these yachts, they ask you to remove your shoes. They are $1m+ boats, so I totally get it.

When we got off one of the boats, The Hubster couldn’t find his shoes.

Someone had accidentally taken his instead of their own. (We know this because there was a pair of similar shoes left.)

We laughed about it and then The Hubster walked around for a few minutes in just socks until we could find a booth selling Sperry’s and he bought a new pair. It’s kind of funny because the ones he lost were junky $20 clearance shoes that he wore to mow the lawn and such. (Don’t even ask me why he wore them out of the house.)

His new ones are quite nice and he definitely upgraded!


Saturday night my brother-in-law and sister-in-law drove in and we all hung out for dinner.

We ate at Vida Taco Bar and it did not disappoint. Their nachos were fantastic and my mushroom taco was so good! So was the fried avocado one.


We did a little shopping and I found this hat at the cutest little hat store.

I didn’t think I was a hat person but I loved this one and pretty much wore it all day on Sunday.


#billsmafia everywhere! 🙂


We used to own a Catalina 22 sailboat and since we were former owners we got to sign the banner where Catalina owners were all displayed. That was fun.


The Hubster started talking to some vendors about work stuff and I wandered away to get a drink, shop, and take some fun selfies in my new hat!


You guys.

This boat has a helicopter landing pad on it.



Um and this boat has a garage for its dinghy.

Most people either (a) don’t have a dinghy or (b) attach it to the back of the boat.

It doesn’t usually have a garage!


Then The Hubster had some oysters and our world was more normal. hahah


Maybe I need to figure out how to smile without making my eyebrows go up quite so high.


We made a creamy chicken, spinach, and pepper dinner from our Blue Apron subscription and it turned out super good. Yum!

That’s our life lately!

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