Target Tuesday

target-tuesdayIt’s Target Tuesday! 🙂

I found some really cute stuff this month too! 🙂


I picked this Embroidered Mesh Midi Dress because I thought it looked flowy and romantic.

It did kind of look like that but I didn’t really love how low the neckline is here. But the dress is adorable.


This outfit is so me in high school.

All I need are my chunky Steve Madden shoes!

I love how versatile the cable knit sweater is. You can wear it with anything.

This crochet high neck tank didn’t fit me right, but I think you could substitute almost anything else and it will match this skirt.

And this corduroy skirt is making my 90s self very happy. I wore stuff like this all the time in high school and college.


This ruffle cold should top is so adorable and comfortable that you should buy one in every single size.

It’s a sweatshirt material, so it makes it seem more like loungy clothes.

And these jeans are on clearance at my Target for $9 so run in there and see if they have them in your too!


This pink shift dress isn’t online yet but it’s super cute! It’s really comfy and perfect for fall.

I love the detail on the sleeves.


I am totally aware this outfit does not match.

But I liked the pieces individually and I was needed to get moving.

This ruffle sleeve peplum shirt is really cute. I probably should have sized down to an XS but otherwise I think it’ll look adorable with jeans.

The pants were really cute on the hanger and so giant on me. I don’t think they were supposed to be so baggy in the legs.


And then a mini-miracle occurred when I walked out of Target spending only $41.92.

Clearly this is an anomaly and I don’t anticipate it will happen again anytime soon. 🙂

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