Friday Favorites


It’s Friday! 🙂


Today’s a fun Friday because we’re on vacation today!

Well sort of. We’re heading back to Buffalo for a wedding tonight but we have a whole weekend of fun ahead.



My IRL book club was held at my house and I threw an ice cream social. It was so much fun and I found these 2 decorations that just made my day!

They’re now both permanent fixtures in my kitchen!


I can’t stop with the Instagram filters.

Good thing The Hubster doens’t mind too much when I do them.

Especially if they’re manly ones like the one above.

He’s not a fan of me making him a rabbit! hahahah



I’m really digging this dress.

I don’t have anywhere to wear it to, but that’s okay.

It’s adorable.



This will be me on Sunday!

I’m super excited for the Bills game – we’re going with our friends and it should be a really great time.

I’m a little nervous – the team wasn’t at their best last week and the Broncos are a tough team.


Also secretly I’m super excited to see Von Miller play in person.


He’s definitely one of my favorites this week.

But shhh – don’t tell my family that when he’s playing the Bills!


Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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