Friday Favorites


It’s time for Friday Favorites!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week!



Not so much a favorite, but if you are able, text “HARVEY” to 90999 and donate $10 to the hurricane relief fund.

I know a few people who are affected and it’s awful.

I’m praying for their safety and that they all get some relief soon, too.



My sister-in-law sent me these super adorable Hunter shoes. I’m so so in love with them.

I can’t find them anywhere online but these are similar.

Mine are navy and I’m really looking forward to wearing them out this fall!



I got to hang with my god-daughter, Emma, this weekend for a bit.

She’s adorable.

I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I would like.

But we shared an ice cream and now we’re all good!



I grew up eating these tomato bacon cheese sandwiches and I’m super excited to be eating them again this week.

They’re my absolute favorite food to eat in late August, early September with home grown tomatoes.

SOOOO good!



I know.

I keep talking about Hunter boots.

But I am so excited that these finally arrived!

They are still on sale and available in a bunch of colors and sizes. So if you’ve ever wanted some, I think you should totally do it now!


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