Friday Favorites


It’s Friday!

This has been quite a week. Work has been a complete madhouse and I feel like I spent the week being angry. No fun.

Despite all the madness, I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week!



My love of Gilmore Girls is well documented.

I LOVE Gilmore Girls.

And recently, Luke’s Diner coffee cups became available and I had to have them.

Let me say.

They are amazing.

Luke’s coffee is actually delicious. I want to drink it every morning now.

I only got 12. I shared a few and now I’m rationing them.

Maybe they’ll be a Friday treat. 🙂



Do you guys remember Skip it?

It’s a ball attached to a string. You put it around one leg and swing it around and jump over the string. It’s like jump rope kind of.

When I was a kid, I could Skip it all. day. long.

Like I was good at going up and down the street. I could do like 100 at a time.

Skip it was my jam.

I found one the other day and bought one to have at the house for our friends’ kids to play with when they were over for dinner.

In an effort to show The Hubster that I still “got it”, I put the new toy on my ankle and proceeded to “show him how it’s done.”


I can still do Skip it. If I worked at it, I could get to 100 again.

But I pulled a muscle in my thigh and it really hurt.

Maybe I don’t still “got it.”

Or at least I don’t still “got it” without Motrin. 🙂



I started taking a walk every day when I get home from work. Or at least as many days as possible.

I love it.

Sometimes The Hubster comes with me. Mostly I’m alone.

I throw on  some tunes and just really enjoy seeing the neighborhood and getting in some cardio.

It’s perfect for me to wind down each day.

I might start to jog but I don’t make any promises. hehe



I talked about this yesterday but you guys have got to have this Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite Coastal Hooded Cardigan. The Nordstrom sale is open to everyone today so I recommend buying it before it’s sold out.

This will be on me all the time from September through April. I can’t wait!



I went to a Blind Pig Party last night.

A Blind Pig Party used to be held during Prohibition. Bars would sell tickets for people to see a blind pig and then once they were in there, you could drink whiskey.

So in honor of that the party had a pig roast.

It was delicious! 🙂


I have a lazy weekend coming up – hope you guys do too! 🙂

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