Random Bits of Life


Well, I started working out again and the only thing I can move without hurting are my fingers.

Come on in and see what we were up to while I was still mobile. lol


I won this adorable Lularoe outfit when scrolling through one of the Lularoe Facebook pages I belong to. Can’t wait to see it in person!


I really wanted a little runner rug to go in my kitchen next to the island. I found the one on the left and thought it would go perfectly.

Except when I got home, I realized it was a table runner and not a rug.

We used it for a few days but it was comically little.

I found this new rug which fits perfectly and is actually a rug.

The Hubster barely notices things and even he was all, why is this rug so little, are you sure it’s a rug?

Next weekend we’re throwing my mother-in-law a retirement party.

The Hubster and I are in charge of drinks.

Not pictured above is the Sam’s flatbed cart where I bought 4 cases of little waters, 2 large packs of Pepsi, 3 large packs of Diet Pepsi, a large iced tea, 48 cans of ginger ale, and 24 cans of orange pop.

Mom’s signature cocktail for the party is the “gindergarden” which is a gin and tonic. (She’s retiring from being a Kindergarten teacher and gin and tonics are her favorite drink.”

We invited over 100 people, so we needed to be prepared.

We bought 16 bottles of tonic water and an extra large Hendricks gin. Like larger than my head bottle.

No one will ever worry about going thirsty at a party we throw!


We celebrated Father’s Day with all of the dads in our life.

I love spending time with my Grandpa. He’s 93.5 and is hilarious. He is super excited about becoming a great grandfather to my cousin’s baby. We all kind of marvel at the fact that he’ll be 94 before he’s a great grandfather too!

We spent time with all of our other grandpas and both of our dads.

How lucky we are to have so many amazing guys in our life.

For real.

I don’t take that for granted.


My nephew and niece got a new wagon and they demonstrated it for us. They’re so adorable – I’m sure they’ll be riding in it all summer!

And that’s a little bit of life lately 🙂

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