Shopping Spree


I just got a bunch of fun summer stuff…come on in and see what I found!


Shirt: Your Boyfriends Tee | Mindy Mae’s Market
Shorts: STS Blue Boyfriend Shorts | Nordstrom

I recently discovered Mindy Mae’s Market and I’m totally and completely hooked. This shirt is so amazingly comfy and I will be wearing it all summer and fall.

The only bummer is that the first time I wore it out, I went to the store for some groceries. When I picked up the eggs, I realized that one of the cartons broke and raw egg dripped all over the cartons and then dripped on my new shirt.

Oh well. It washed out easily.

The shirt is very sheer so I wore a tank underneath.

Plus the shorts – oh my gosh – grab a pair for sure. I’ll be wearing them all summer too!


I saw this adorable Double Hooded Sweatshirt at Mindy Mae’s Market and knew it had to be in my wardrobe.

It’s super cute.

I have to warn you that it’s not super heavy.

It’ll look great around the fire pit and at the lakehouse this summer!


I needed a cute maxi for my mother-in-law’s retirement party and this might just be it!

I really like that it’s lightweight material, so I won’t get hot. And it’s a good length, so I can wear a cute pair of wedges too.


I added this V-Neck Cutout Shift Dress to the cart too. I’m really happy I did too.

It’s really comfy material and I ended up liking it way more than I thought.

I’ll totally be wearing this all summer for sure.


I have this Leith Racerback Shift Dress in green and decided I needed it in navy. It’s so comfy and can be dressy or casual.

You totally need this in your summer rotation. It’s perfect for church and happy hour!

Probably I should not have mentioned those 2 things in the same sentence.

Top: Tie Sleeve Blouse | Banana Republic
Skirt: Navy Lightweight Wool Pencil Skirt | Ann Taylor

I was on the fence with this outfit, but I’m quite happy with this top. I really like how the sleeves tie. I admit, though, I’m concerned what it’s going to look like after the wash/dry clean.

So that’s my shopping spree for this week! 😉

I can’t wait to see what you guys have for the summer. Let me know what you’ve found that you can’t live without this summer!

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