Weekend Shenanigans


Today is being fueled by coffee.

Lots and lots of coffee. 🙂

Confession time:

I wrote and scheduled my Friday Favorites last week but some cool stuff happened on Thursday night and I didn’t go back and update the post.

This double rainbow appeared!


I wish I had moved the camera up just a bit more because I missed the top of the second one but it was so beautiful! I took this from  my front porch!


It was one of those weeks. Some of our friends gifted me some super yummy bourbon and I decided that I needed to open it.

It did not disappoint. 🙂 Just a small drink was enough.

 I should have saved it for Friday morning because…


I got to work and decided to make myself a cup of coffee. When I went to pour some sugar into my cup, a spider fell OUT OF THE SUGAR CONTAINER AND INTO MY COFFEE. I tried to keep my cool, but it was so gross.


I made a second cup but only could bring myself to drink about 2 sips before I was so grossed out that I couldn’t do it


I should have sucked it up and drank the entire cup because the day went downhill from there. TMI alert: I needed to take a Midol and when I went into my drawer to pull one out, I accidentally took out a nighttime cold medicine and almost took it instead.

Thankfully I caught it.

That could have been awful. No for real.

The day did get a bit better after that.

I threw all of the night cold medicine out.



Saturday morning we were up and on the road to Buffalo.

This picture is not a true depiction of the trip – The Hubster drives with his eyes open. hehe

I stopped into a hair salon and got my hair washed and blown out for the gala. I love having grown up hair! 🙂

We decided to stay at the Hotel at Lafayette and the room was amazing. It was a whole giant suite, complete with a sitting area and a fireplace.

It was so unexpected and I can definitely say we’ll be staying there again. It was so nice!


And then we headed to the PKU gala.

The event was held at the Statler Hotel in Buffalo. It’s been around forever and used to be “the  place” to go in the 1950s. In fact, The Hubster’s grandparents went on their honeymoon to Buffalo and stayed at The Statler!

We also discovered that the room we were in on Saturday night was the same room where The Hubster had his Senior Prom. He declined to have me post a picture of him from 1999. Boo


It was so great to catch up with some amazing friends.

Joe and Janice were some of the first people that I ever worked with at PwC. Gosh – that feels like a lifetime ago.

The 3 of us (plus 2 more of our other friends) spent so much time together in tiny little audit rooms together. We hated our jobs sometimes but loved working together. Those memories are priceless.

We’re all so busy and doing our own thing, but man, we really love catching up!


So fun to have spent the night with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, too. We all really enjoyed a night on the town together!


Sunday morning, we got up and headed to this cool coffee bar called Public.

The barista made our coffees and it was super delicious.


We had a fun lunch with my in-laws to celebrate both of their birthdays. I bought them a strawberry white cake and it did not disappoint.

I pretty much could have eaten this entire cake. The strawberry filling was uh-mazing.


My weekend ended with some reading on the patio.


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