Show & Tell Tuesday


It’s time for a really fun Show & Tell Tuesday with momfessionals about parties.

This is perfect because I love throwing a good party!! So come in and buckle up and I’ll show you some fun parties! ha!

[emily’s 30th birthday]


For my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday, we had Newsies themed party. So everyone dressed as newsies and we carried “papes” around and surprised Emily. (well kind of surprised because I think she beat it out of someone. no for real.)


One of my super talented friends made this gorgeous cake. It turned out perfectly!

We made centerpiece flowers out of old newspapers. The tables were adorable!


One of my favorite centerpieces for sure.


We ended playing a game of sort of charades where we had pull a scenario out of a hat and use newspaper to create it. In case it’s confusing, I got Little Miss Muffet.

Let’s discuss why I played this game wearing a white hoodie.

[grandpa’s 90th birthday]


I’ll be honest. I wasn’t totally sure what the theme was going to be for my Grandpa’s 90th birthday.

And then I decided 90 would be the theme.

So I used his favorite thing ever – M&Ms – for the centerpieces and it kind of went from there.



For a man that hates birthday parties, he requested an ice cream cake. So, of course, we obliged.  Because, ice cream.


He also got a cookie table. 🙂


We were only missing one of my cousins from this picture. He’s in the Navy and since we don’t know where he is 75% of the time, we had to celebrate without him.

[jess’s bridal shower]


This shower was definitely one of my favorite parties to host for my at the time future sister-in-law.

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I rented out a refurbished barn and it was awesome.

I think if I ever got married again(ha!), I would have it here. It’s beautiful. It’s rustic. There’s twinkly lights. ❤

We pretty much went to Pinterest and found everything we liked. The barn provided a lot of the big stuff (barrels, large tables, lights, etc.) but we did the rest ourselves.

Each place setting was on a cedar plank for salmon as a favor. And you got a cute mason jar for lemonade while at the party and then you could take it home.

We served all kinds of yummy food – fruit, cucumbers with dip, chicken salad, caprese salad, and a pasta salad.


My sister-in-law made this cake and it was delicious!



How is that I always end up being dressed in something? Or why do I always look so scary? haha


Love these jokesters!

[mom’s 60th birthday]


I pretty much planned my mom’s entire 60th birthday party. My dad decided he wanted to throw her one and when I asked about favors, centerpieces, and a cake, he looked at me and said, “well, that’s why I have you.”

Love my dad. So I took over from there.

My mom is a fantastic artist. Hence the art theme!

Everyone centerpiece was an art pallet, vase of brushes, and an original mini art, courtesy of me, my brother, and mom, herself.


The favor was a cookie that was an art pallet. I found a local lady to do them for me and they turned out so cute!


I had everyone take pictures with my mom and I made a really cute scrapbook for her at the end.

Note to self – never wear this dress again. It’s not flattering. Like at all.

Maybe I need some new party outfits. Yikes!

Can’t wait to see all of your parties! 🙂



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