Friday Favorites


It’s Friday! Yay!

While our weather is supposed to be yucky, at least I’ll be at home. It might be the perfect weekend to wear sweats and watch movies.

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week!



The Hubster and I made some spaghetti bolognese the other day from our Blue Apron. I seriously could eat this every single day.

I’m so happy to have the recipe because it wasn’t hard at all and I can totally make it again.



I’m loving this new Essie nailpolish – splash of grenadine.

I wanted a new color for Easter and it’s the perfect combo of pink and purple. Definitely just like Easter! 🙂



No joke – this totally happened to The Hubster this week.

He was in a meeting and took a big sip of coffee. He said he had to cough and all the coffee came out. It sprayed a vendor, the vendor’s samples, and another co-workers in the meeting.

I heard some laughing and commotion so I walked over to the conference room and I see everyone frantically wiping down the table.

After the meeting, our co-workers was like Paul spit his coffee out and it went in my ear!

Oh my gosh – it was crazy.

Now any time The Hubster walks by anyone with a full cup of a drink, everyone cringes. hahaha



You guys – April the Giraffe finally gave birth!!

After watching for like 7 weeks, it finally happened!!

So I took a picture with giraffe head to commemorate it.




My parents are coming to visit tonight!

Since we are a major fail at gardening, I need expert advice. Which means I run to ask my Dad! I’m not sure how to trim our new trees, so he’s bring his gardening arsenal and we’ll be all pruned and ready to go!

The Hubster has to work late tonight, so I’m looking for a fun restaurant to take them. I could go for a good burger this weekend, so we’ll ave to find somewhere that has good burgers and shakes!

Happy Weekend everyone! 🙂

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