Life Lately


It’s Thursday, Friends! 🙂

What’s happening in your lives? I thought I’d let you know what’s happening here.


A long time ago (which is really like 3 years, but who’s counting), The Hubster and I signed up for Blue Apron.

We loved it. The food was always good and we enjoyed making it together.

But life got in the way and we moved and it got to be too much for us.

Now we’ve decided to redo it and let me tell you – it’s still amazing and delicious!


Last Saturday, we took our nephew and newest 4 year old, out for his birthday. We do this for some friends’ kids – we take them out to eat and they can pick a toy for their birthdays – and thought it would be fun to do this with M.

First, we hit up Ted’s, everyone’s favorite hot dog place. M decided he wanted a hot dog. So we order and get to the table where he says that he doesn’t want to eat it in the bun. Fine. We take the hot dog out of the bun and put ketchup on it.

He asks that we cut the hot dog and he eats it.

M then goes on to eat the hot dog bun all by itself.

Kids are weird.


Then we walked the aisles at Toys R Us.

No for real.

The Hubster and I are very familiar with the inventory of the toy store. Because we looked at virtually everything in there.

For a few minutes, I was afraid of having to break his heart by saying no to the race car power wheels (Auntie Sarah doesn’t like to be a meanie), but he moved on and ended up picking a helicopter.

Mostly because after about an hour, he got sick of looking at the same stuff and said to pick something from this aisle. He picked the helicopter.

For about 2 seconds, I thought he was going to pick a hula hoop. And while I would have absolutely bought that for him, I was definitely like, you want a $3 hula hoop for your birthday?!? Ooookay.


Sunday we got to celebrate the 4 year old again and Easter.

It was nice because we were able to eat the lunch/dinner with both of our families together. The food was delicious and the company was really my favorite.


And no birthday party is completely without a Superman cake! 🙂

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