Show and Tell Tuesday


It’s Show and Tell Tuesday with momfessionals! 🙂

Today we’re sharing our Top 5 pictures.

This is a hard one!!



This is my favorite picture of us from our wedding in 2010.

Gosh – that seemed like a lifetime ago.



These 2 are my soul sisters. We worked together for a few years and have all gone our own ways, but we are still such great friends. I love these 2 something fierce.



This picture is a blurry mess. But it so represents some of the best family I could have ever dreamed of. We fight like you can’t imagine. But the 6 of us are stronger together.


I know there are 2 here but they’re from the same night.

My brother-in-law had just returned from a deployment in Iraq and we all went out to welcome him home. I have no idea how I ended up with that hat.

We partied all night. We laughed. We were crazy. We all laugh like crazy when we think back to what a fun time we had together.



This was pre-Hubster. My family. These people I love so much.

And the cats I had growing up.

This picture gives me all the feels about growing up with my amazing family. ❤



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